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Easy setup

Enter your menu
Flexible reservations

Customizable Menu

Guests can order and modify their order to their liking. Online ordering reduces errors and give customers flexibility.
Easy communications

All In One Place

Host can see reservations and waitlisted parties in one screen for better planning and optimized seating.
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Restaurant Waitlist Done Right

With Hostme waitlist management system, your hosts will be able to manage the restaurant floor more efficiently by providing guests with accurate wait time estimates and by sending them text messages when their table is ready.

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Hostme Waitlist helps you with:

AKA everything you need to make your guests wait patiently

Freedom to wait wherever

Diners add their name to the wait list online and once their table is ready, they receive a text on their phone.

Easy notification

2-way communication to quickly update guests on their waitlist status or to share important information.

Get in line on-the-go

Diners can simply add their name to the waitlist online and avoid long wait at your restaurant.

Reservations & waitlist

Reservations and waitlist are kept in one place to avoid table double-assignments or overwhelming wait staff.

Accurate wait-time estimates

Hostme provides accurate wait time estimates to your wait staff and eliminates guests frustration.

Wait-time reports

At the end of the shift, your manager can review the daily reports to evaluate average wait time and estimation accuracy.

With over 3 millions guests served every month, Hostme is the #1 choice for waitlist management.

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Online restaurant reservation screen
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