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Reservations, Waitlist, Events, Ordering & More. All-in-one app

Intuitive and Customizable Restaurant
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Waitlist, Reservation and Table Management, Food Ordering, Server Rotation and CRM for Restaurants
Intelligent Table Management

Intelligent Table Management

Maximize seating arrangements by visually assessing your restaurant occupancy, automatically block sections or days, and strategically seat larger parties. Gauge each server’s load and assign tables fairly and efficiently among your wait staff.


Online Ordering

Accept food orders from your website, and social media profiles, or over the phone. Manage all orders in one place, eliminate errors, and pace the "ready" times to control food quality and avoid crowds of waiting customers. Text your customers when their order is ready for a contactless pickup to ensure everyone’s safety.

Online Ordering
Boost Your Online Presence

Boost Your Online Presence

Make your restaurant ubiquitous and allow your guests to book a table wherever they found you on the web. Through our partnership with Reserve with Google, guests can make a reservation for your restaurant directly from Google Search or Google Maps. They can also book a table from your Facebook, Instagram and Tripadvisor pages, as well as from your website.

Advanced Reservation Management

Never miss a reservation again by offering online reservations on your website, on your Facebook page and on any other of your online profiles. Reduce no-shows by texting confirmations to your guests or requesting monetary deposits. Avoid double-booking thanks to Hostme’s conflict detection capability.

Smart Waitlist

Smart Waitlist

Allow your guests to add their name to your waitlist online. Eliminate the need for costly pagers and efficiently manage your waitlist with accurate wait time prediction based on party size. Notify guests when their table is ready by sending a text to their phone, thus giving them the freedom to wait wherever they please!


Fair and Square Server Rotation

Retain your staff by increasing their satisfaction. With Hostme, equitably distribute customers among your servers. Review daily shift reports, get the necessary insight to efficiently manage your employees, and identify issues as they arise.

Fair and Square Server Rotation

Guest Book

Make your guests feel appreciated and offer them memorable experience by remembering their past preferences and adding special requests to their online restaurant reservations.

HTML Script & WP Plugin

Start offering online reservations in minutes thanks to Hostme’s WordPress Plugin or by inserting Hostme-provided HTML script in your website.

9 Languages and Counting

Hostme is currently available in English, Français, Dansk, Italiano, Español, Bosanski, Português, Russian and 官话. More are coming soon!

Advanced Analytics Reports

Track everything you want to know about your operations including reservations stats, wait time averages, server utilization and more.


Allow your guests to get in line online. Eliminate costly pager losses and free your guests by sending them a text on their phone when their table is ready.

Event Management

Organize memorable live events at your location and manage tickets and crowd attendance through Hostme.

Reservation Deposits

Eliminate costly no-shows by requesting "Reservation Deposits" or charging "Cancellation Fees".

Smartphone Friendly

Optimized interface for small screens. Access everything you need from any device at hand.

Support 24/7

Get immediate support through in-app chat or by calling our support line — because business won’t wait.

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