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Recent Trends in the Restaurant Industry

The restaurant industry took a particularly hard hit during the pandemic and the effects will be felt for years to come.  Restaurants had to get creative and offer new features in order to stay afloat and those new features may become a permanent fixture in the industry. Turning sidewalks and parking lots into outdoor dining, offering online ordering, partnering with delivery services, socially distanced seating, QR code menus, and more are results of the pandemic and continue to be part of the industry as we adjust to the world post-quarantine. Take a look at our data on the industry pre and post COVID below!

Dining-out Comfort Level by Age Group
Guest comfortable eating out
Restaurant guests weekly habits
Guest eating out
Indoor vs. outdoor dining out comfort level
Restaurant dining outdoor
Consumer spending on Food:
Consumer spend on food
Delivery shares of restaurant total revenues
Delivery share with covid
by Amy Galvin
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