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How You Can Access Hostme

Hostme has many different options to help you accomplish your goal of running a successful restaurant. When you first download Hostme you may not realize all the different ways you can operate our software. Today I will go over the different options we have made available to our customers and why you should utilize all of them.

Web Browser:

You can use Hostme on any web browser. Whether you are on a Mac or a PC you can access your account. Also when traveling away from your restaurant, you can access all of your information from any computer just by logging into your account via a web browser. You will get the full access and view that you would on the Hostme app just on a computer screen. I also believe that it is more convenient when setting up their account to do so on a computer.

Android App:

For any users that are using Android devices we have our application available on the Google Play store. The app is a great way to see Hostme in a view that was designed specifically for Android phones and tablets. With our mobile app you can quickly pull out the app on your mobile device without having to go into a web browser and type in the URL. The mobile app also allows your staff to access Hostme on their cell phone if necessary. We have found that many managers love this capability. Hostme allows you to connect multiple devices to your account all with different logins and permissions so that you, your managers, and your hosts can access your restaurant's information all at the same time.

Apple App:

For users that are using an iPhone or an iPad we have an application that is available on the Apple App Store. Just like the app on the Google Play store, the app is a great way to see Hostme in a view that was specifically designed for Apple devices. The app is well optimized and perfect for anyone that is wanting to check in on their restaurant on the go or make quick changes on the go or while walking around the restaurant. Your managers can easily keep an eye on your restaurant by simply accessing the app on their phone from wherever they are.

All the above options are equally equipped to help you with Reservation, waitlist & floor management, and online reservations. Here at Hostme we wanted to make sure that we gave our customers multiple ways to access their account and connect many different devices whether they are on the go or in the restaurant since convenience may vary. For more information on how you can use Hostme for your business, start a free trial or sign up for a demo on our website.

Noah Lassiter

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