Seat parties faster and turn more tables per shift

Restaurant table turnover management
Easy table rotation

Efficient, Easy & Swift

Intuitive and visually appealing customizable floor map views that let staff quickly assign and release tables.
Optimize table turnover

Seat More Guests

Accelerate your table turnover rate by visualizing the floor plan and table statuses in real-time.
Staff satisfaction

Timeline View

Get an actionable view of your reservations with drag and drop capabilities to optimize seating.
table management

Table Management has never been so beautiful (and easy)!

From visually appealing floor maps to server rotation management, Hostme gives you all the tools you need to efficiently optimize your table turnover and manage your staff and guests in an intuitive, all-in-one app.

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Nifty Timeline View

This visually-appealing view gives the restaurant host a comprehensive and highly actionable tool to drag and drop reservations and parties. Reducing table idle time and maximizing guest seating are key ingredients for growing your business.

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table management

Explore Table Management with Hostme

Or how this can help increase your restaurant's profitability.

Easily customize

Using a simple drag-and-drop interface to create your floor map, you'll be up and running in no time.

Table statuses

Keep track of each table, quickly identify issues with guests, and keep your floor under control.

Intuitive interface

Seat walk-in parties in one click, or move parties around with a simple drag and drop. It's that easy!

All-in-one screen

Scan your restaurant floor, tables, reservations, waitlist, and servers in one single view.

Know your business

Detailed reports on table management to help you improve your restaurant’s operations.

Guests first - always

All guests' data are available to staff to know their preferred table or their favorite wine or dessert.

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