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How Restaurants Can Use Social Media to Boost Business

Published on
July 19, 2022

by Jen Cheney

The landscape of the restaurant industry is changing rapidly over the last decade, and 2020 has forced many restaurants to try new ways of operating to survive. As more diners are staying home, and word of mouth and atmosphere aren’t reliable to drive new business, restaurants are having to get creative. Nowadays, over 61% of customers find restaurants online. Social media isn't a new tool, but how its used can be a game changer for restaurants looking to attract more customers.


While it can be daunting to manage posts for different platforms, it’s even more important to make sure that you are keeping up with your customers online as well. Make sure to respond to reviews, especially the good ones. Creating and nurturing relationships with your regulars will only help establish more, and build a community and interest for your restaurant.

The Stories features on instagram and Facebook are a great way to throw up quick surveys, like “Which Appetizer looks tastier tonight?” or “Which Wine are you pairing with this new Entree?”

Post content that engages conversations, rather than just updates, and you’ll have more views and interactions, and quickly more interested customers stopping in.

Turn your customers into influencers

Encouraging your customers to share their experiences and photos is a great way to use your platform not as a sales pitch, but a way to build community around your restaurant. Having a photo op such as a great mural, or gorgeously plated dishes sets customers up with the perfect post. Pair this with your restaurant hashtag, you’ll be Insta-famous in no time!

SEOs are worth the effort

Making sure that your customers can easily find you on the internet is key. 83% of customers are using their phones to look up restaurant information, so make sure you sit at the top of the search list.

Make it easy

Customers are expecting to be able to do it all from the phone these days, so you need to keep up. Making sure you have a system to handle their requests quickly and efficiently is number one priority. Using direct links to your reservation system with your social media accounts and also Google Business page can help make managing online inquiries and orders easier.  Hostme also has online ordering for to go or delivery, as well as pre ordering options included with their most popular monthly plans.