Useful Definitions

by Mima Vujadinovic

List of terms commonly used by restaurant owners and staff from cover pacing to digital guestbook.
What is a digital restaurant guestbook?

A digital guestbook is an interactive technological system that allows the restaurant to record individual guest name(s) and specific information. This digital guestbook is stored on a cloud system that may be accessed by authorized employees from anywhere via an internet connection.

What are the benefits of a digital guestbook?

A digital guestbook conveys clear written information about each guest, which can be seen and accessed either locally or virtually by authorized team members from any location.

What is a digital waitlist?

A digital waitlist is an electronic management system that allows the use of phone and text messaging to notify guests of their turn to be seated. This provides contactless notifications and eliminates the need for a buzzer system.

What are the benefits of a digital waitlist?

By utilizing a digital waitlist system, you will eliminate the use of a buzzer system that will require a thorough sanitation after handling by each guest. This is also a great way to communicate with each customer, as they may not be waiting directly outside your location for their table.

What is an online restaurant reservation system?

An online restaurant reservation system allows guests to book a table online and store any of their personal information to be accessible only to your employees. This allows them to make and save any dietary restrictions, seating preferences, and more.

What are the benefits of a digital reservation system?

One benefit of a digital reservation system is that it allows the personalization of each guest's account. Additionally, it is contactless and accessible by each authorized via any tablet or computer with a Wi-Fi connection.

What is server management?

Server management is a feature that allows the user to supervise and maintain the flow of servers so the restaurant can operate at its prime performance.

What are the benefits of server management?

Server management allows small and medium-sized businesses to thrive, as this will help cut down costs during non-peak times and provide a better understanding of when your business has low and high staffing requirements.

What is restaurant cover pacing?

Restaurant cover pacing helps the restaurant offer a better flow of service. It staggers your tables to avoid having the tickets for the bar or kitchen stack up too quickly. It allows for a smoother turnover of tables and helps your servers have more time to give the best customer service.

What is a restaurant reservation management system? What is a restaurant reservation software?

A restaurant reservation management system is a tool that allows you to offer easy online reservations while keeping track of each reservation time, table, guest count, and any preferences for each guest. All reservations are stored on a cloud and can be accessed anywhere by someone who is authorized.