Take control of your reservations with Hostme

Take control with Hostme's restaurant reservation system screen
Ease of use reservation

Smart Seating Optimization

Every reservation, walk-in, and waitlisted party is created to maximize your restaurant seat utilization.
Flexible reservations

All Reservations In One Place

Take reservations from your website, your social profiles, or over the phone and centralize them all in one place.
Easy communications

Superior Dining Experience

Diners make reservations in any booking channels and receive reminders and updates for a truly unique experience.
reservations table flow

A new way to manage your restaurant reservations

Guests can book online 24/7 through your website and other digital channels while your staff can focus on diners. You can virtually eliminate no-shows with Hostme's built-in deposits and cancellation fee tool and maximize your revenue through advanced seat optimization.

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Hostme helps you with:

AKA everything that is keeping you awake at night.

System that works for you

From floor map to guest messaging, the system fits your operations (not the other way around).

Increase table turnover rate

Accelerate table turnover by optimizing reservation scheduling to suit your restaurant capacity.

Reduce no-shows

Virtually eliminate no-shows by requesting reservation deposits or by charging cancellation fees.

No cover fees

Help your budgeting with a predictable monthly fee, no surprises, and no cover fees.

Know your business

Make smart decisions with the help of Hostme's comprehensive reports on all your reservation data.

24/7 world-class support

Reservations are critical to your restaurant. We get it, and we pledge to always be there for you.

With over 4,000 happy restauranteurs worldwide, Hostme is the no-brainer solution to all your reservation needs.

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