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Hostme Restaurant Reservation Software

Check why restaurant owners consider Hostme the best solution to manage their reservations.
We have been saying it for a while but you don't have to take our word for it.

Intuitive and Customizable Restaurant
Management Software

Waitlist, Reservation and Table Management, Food Ordering, Server Rotation and CRM for Restaurants

Online Presence

Accept online reservations at any time of the day directly from Google search results, your Facebook and Instagram pages, Tripadvisor and your own website.

Reservation Management

Accept online reservations any time of the day from your website, your social media channels or the Hostme reservation site and never miss a reservation again.

Online Ordering

Pace your over-the-phone and online orders to optimize your kitchen output. This will allow you to control food quality and ensure the safety of your staff and patrons.

Table Management

Seat more guests with one-click table assignment capability, visual assessment of table statuses, and restaurant occupancy tracking on a customizable floor map.


Allow your guests to get in line online. Eliminate costly pager losses and free your guests by sending them a text on their phone when their table is ready.

Guest Book

Make your guests feel appreciated and offer them memorable experience by remembering their past preferences and adding special requests to their online restaurant reservations.

Server Rotation & Management

Increase staff satisfaction and retention rates by equitably as­sign­ing servers to tables. Track their perfor­mance and load in real-time.

Reservation Deposits

Eliminate costly no-shows by requesting "Reservation Deposits" or charging "Cancellation Fees".

Event Management

Organize memorable live events at your location and manage tickets and crowd attendance through Hostme.

Tired of unpleasant surprises?

Check why Hostme is the best solution for your restaurant.
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