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Coming from pen and paper? Hostme is a no brainer

So why is Hostme the best option for a restaurant that is trying out their first front of house software?

Our system is easy to manage, even easier to learn, clean looking and has tons of options for customization to best suit your restaurant. Many other restaurants that come from pen and paper have told us that this was the best system to transfer to because of the dependability, ease of access and our 24/7 support team. One of the best features of Hostme is our server management features. These will have your server and host worrying less about who receives the next table. Servers and Hosts will have more time to spend with customers making sure they have an even more pleasant dining experience. This leads to more return customers which you can save in your guestbook.

With Hostme you don't have to worry about only having to take reservations over the phone. Online reservations not only save your employees and customers time but it is very convenient for your customers. We also produce automated waitlist time estimations in our system using an algorithm that helps your host give an accurate wait time. Whenever your guests’ tables are ready you can contact them via texting through the app to better improve the table turnover. As everyone knows, this leads to an increased flow of money. The more people you can move through the restaurant results in faster turnaround and the more money you can make.

Overall Hostme can improve not only your business but your customers' experiences as well. You can sign up for hostme and sign up for a demo.

Noah Lassiter

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